Sacramental Preparation and Faith Formation Programs


  • Accompany families through lessons using textbooks and crafts

  • Guided reflections on Sunday Gospel

  • Guest Speakers 

  • Confirmation virtual Bible study

  • Coordinated service projects for students and families 

  • FORMED streaming service subscription



The Season of Advent is here and what a joyous time it is for us to prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ. 

We invite you to participate in the upcoming Advent Family Sunday activity on December 4th. Click below for information. 

Family Sunday Flyer

Thank you to all the families who donated toward the purchase of Christmas gifts for foster teens. The response was wonderful and we are providing 30 teens with some Christmas cheer! 

Do not miss the opportunity to attend the Advent Penance Service held on December 15th at 7pm. Ready your heart this Christmas by receiving God's mercy and grace. 

Finally, in January 2023 we will host Empowering God's Children sessions in all classes. Return your child's permission slip soon! If it has been misplaced, no worries. Simply click below to print a new copy. 

We wish you all a wonderful Advent season!

The RE team


Registration 2022-2023

Registration for 2022-2023 are now closed. Registration will reopen June of 2023. 

Volunteer Information


Online Payment for Registration

  1. Click Pay Here button (click program fee for info)

  2. Scroll down to All Events (click Already Registered in Religious Education)

  3. Select your payment type 

  4. Type Child's First and Last name 

  5. Type the correct amount of the program (see program fee info)

  6. Press Submit


Pray the Rosary as a Family

Pray the Rosary for Healing Our Nation...

Prayer to Overcome Racism -

Pray the Rosary as a Family 

The Joyful Mysteries (Mondays and Saturdays)

The Sorrowful Mysteries (Tuesdays & Fridays)

The Glorious Mysteries (Sundays & Wednesdays)

The Luminous Mysteries (Thursdays) 

Worship Songs 

Sing-along to Hail Mary, Gentle Woman

Salve Regina Song 

Teacher Tabs

Teacher Tabs


Mrs. Judy Brothers

Sacramental Preparation Yr. 1 Grades 1/2

Room 6

Teacher App: CLICK HERE

Lesson Schedule: CLICK HERE

Prayer Videos: CLICK HERE

Homework Videos: CLICK HERE

Ms. Therese Cecilio
Aide: Alexandra Asi

Sacramental Preparation Yr. 1 Grade 1/2

Room 6

Teacher App: (CLICK HERE)

Class Schedule: (CLICK HERE)

Mrs. Maria Bautista

Sacramental Preparation Yr. 1 Grade 3

Room 5

Teacher App: (CLICK HERE)

Class Schedule: (CLICK HERE)

Mrs. Bernadeth Reyes

Sacramental Preparation Yr. 1 Grade 4

Room 9

Teacher App: CLICK HERE

 Class Schedule: (CLICK HERE)

Mrs. Melanie Golder

Sacramental PreparationYr. 1 Grades 5-6

Room 3

Teacher App: (CLICK HERE)

Class Schedule: (CLICK HERE)

Ms. Sue Procetto
Aide: Eileen Kearns

Sacramental Preparation Yr. 2 Grade 2

Room 5

Teacher App: CLICK HERE

Class Schedule: CLICK HERE

Ms. Lucy Nazarian
Aide: Giuliana Collins

Sacramental Preparation Yr. 2 Grade 3

Room 2

Teacher App: 

Class Schedule: Click Here

Mr. Edwin Legayada
Aide: Marilyn Legayada

Sacramental Preparation Yr. 2 Grade 4

Room 4

Teacher App: Click Here

 Class Schedule: Click Here

Mrs. Jessica Rafkind

Sacramental Preparation Yr. 2 Grades 5-6

Room 1

Teacher App: Click Here

Class Schedule: Click Here

Mrs. Karen Kloiber

Sacramental Preparation Yr. 2 Grades 7-8

Room 9

Team App: Click Here

Class Schedule: Click Here

Mrs. Marie Graham

Faith Formation Grade 3

Room 3

Class Schedule: (CLICK HERE)

Ms. Jennelyn Foronda

Faith Formation Grades 4

Room 4

Teacher App: CLICK HERE

Class Schedule : (CLICK HERE)

Ms. Marianne Hamor

Faith Formation Grade 5

Room 2

Teacher App: CLICK HERE

Class Schedule: (CLICK HERE)

Mrs. Diane Quintero

Faith Formation Grade 6

Room 9

Teacher App: CLICK HERE

Class Schedule: CLICK HERE

Mrs. MaryAnn Phillips

Faith Formation Junior High Grade 7

Room Youth Center

Teacher App Mrs.Phillips: CLICK HERE

Class Schedule: CLICK HERE


J.Crew Night: CLICK HERE

Mrs. Veronica Salinas

Faith Formation Junior High Grade 8

Room 9

Teacher App: CLICK HERE

Class Schedule: CLICK HERE

J.Crew Night: CLICK HERE

Mr. Alex Zuniga & Mrs. Carmen Zuniga, Mrs. Medina, and Mrs. Montejano


Room Youth Center (Teens)

Room 7 (Elementary)

Teacher App: CLICK HERE

Zuniga Class Schedule: CLICK HERE

Montejano/Medina Class Schedule: CLICK HERE

For information about the program (english) CLICK HERE

For information about program (spanish) CLICK HERE

Baking Night: CLICK HERE

Mrs. Bernadette Garcia & Mrs. Breanne Acosta

Sacramental Preparation Special Needs

Room 3

Teacher App: CLICK HERE

Class Schedule: (CLICK HERE)

Net Ministries

Thank to everyone who made this retreat a great experience.


Creating A FORMED Account

Activate your account

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Press the create an account

(it is free, because it is paid for by the parish)

Step 3: Input your email

Step 4: Choose your parish

(St. Clare, zip: 91351)

Step 5: Begin streaming!



National Catholic Youth Confrence


Confirmation Information

Forming Missionary Disciples 


Prayer to the Holy Spirit : Come, Holy Spirit, I invite you into the very depths of my being. Lead me, guide me, coach me, encourage me, and challenge me. Direct me in all things. Teach me to become a great decision maker, so that in every moment of every day I can choose what is good, right, noble, and just. Amen.

Coordinator: Omar Carrillo

Confirmation Office Hours:Monday and Wednesday from 2:00pm - 6:00pm


Contact information:

Phone: 661-298-8627



The Nativity Story

Friday, December 2nd in the Youth Room at 6pm - 8pm
Popcorn + Hot Coco Served

the nativity story_edited.jpg

Confirmation Program  2022-2023

Do YOU know the Confirmation Program requirements? 

  • Attend Scripture Study ZOOM sessions as scheduled

  • Attend the Gathering ZOOM sessions as scheduled

  • Complete the Called to Mercy online coursework Year 2*

  • Complete the Saint research project. (CLICK HERE)

  • Participate in 4 Discipleship projects and turn in reflections. 

  • Participate in 2 Field trips and turn in reflection paragraphs

  • Instructions Call to Mercy Year 1

  • Instructions Call to Mercy Year 2 (Click Here)

Confirmation Year 1 Bible Study
Next Date: Monday, January 23, 2023 on Zoom at 7pm

Click the button below labeled Zoom link.

Self-Examination of Conscience Guide for Reconciliation: (CLICK HERE)

Confirmation Year 2 Bible Study

Next date: Monday, November 28, 2022 at 7pm on Zoom

Confirmation Gathering Session Year 1

December 7th at 7pm in the church.

Confirmation Gathering Session Year 2

Canidate Sposor Advent Dinner 

Wednsday, November 30 2022

* Parent may serve as a proxy if the sponsor is unable to attend.*


1. Sign up for Formed subscription. 

How to create a FORMED account

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Press the create an account

(it is free, because it is paid for by the parish)

Step 3: Input your email

Step 4: Choose your parish

(St. Clare, zip: 91351)

Step 5: Begin streaming!

2.Catholic Youth Bible (provided by Youth Ministry office)

3. Called to Mercy Online Program

How to create online account : (CLICK HERE)


Discipleship Projects


Connect with the elderly of our parish! Send a homemade card or drawing to brighten their day!

Email Omar Carrillo at to be matched with a senior. 


Get To Know Our Staff

Nancy Nazarian-Medina

Nancy serves as the Director of Religious Education and is a certified California Catechist.  She is facilitator for the national Virtus-Safe Guard the Children Program training teachers, parents and volunteers about the risk of child abuse and how a community can take preventative measures to protect children from abuse. She served on the Advisory Board for the Archdiocese Office of Religious Education (2017-2019). Nancy was a volunteer catechist at St. Clare from 2000-2014.  Prior to working at St. Clare, Nancy served as Dean of Students at Immaculate Heart High School and taught AP Government, AP U.S. History and Economics and developed curriculum for a senior year elective, International Relations. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from UCLA and a M.A in Conflict Resolution from CSUDH. The job she relishes the most is as mom to her sons.

Omar Carrillo

Mr. Carrillo joined the staff in the summer of 2019 as the R.E. Technology Coordinator and R.E. Administrative Assistant. He played a key role in coordinating ZOOM sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic and facilitating materials on the website.Graduating from California State University of Northridge in June 2022, Mr. Carrillo moves into the role of Youth Ministry/Confirmation Coordinator. Mr. Carrillo is excited to work with the youth in growing their faith and discovering the richness of Catholicism.

Amie Travers

Amie joined the team in the summer of 2019. She is a mother of 2. She has managed high end retail stores for many years. Amie has also been involved with PTA in the past. Amie works with elementary and special needs children in the Sulphur Springs School District.

Sean Medina

Sean joined the team in June 2022. An alumni of the St. Clare Religious Education program receiving his First Holy Communion and Confirmation, he is excited to work with the team and catechists in meeting the needs of the R.E. families. As the newest member, Sean brings his creativity to the role of R.E. Technology Coordinator and Administrative Assistant to the R.E. office and Youth Ministry office. Currently, Sean is a student of the Media Arts in Ministry program at Loyola Marymount University. He is excited to bridge the digital age with ministerial work.


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